Sexual Trauma Support. (Not currently meeting due to pandemic)

Meg Reinis MS, LMFT

I am currently licensed to practice in the states of California and Colorado and a licensed Telehealth provider in Florida.

Individual Psychotherapy

I see individuals ages 12 and over looking to improve their overall sense of wellness and self care. Anxiety and depression can interrupt our daily lives and keep us from living our lives the way we would otherwise want to. I work with individuals in life transitions either with career or relationships, and those transitioning form college to adulthood.

Couples Psychotherapy

Pre-marital and marital counseling. I see couples that are interested in working on difficulties in their relationships such as issues in communication and trust, parenting, and premarital counseling. I provide a safe space to have difficult conversations.


Manifesting like a Badass Mama

This is a coaching group dedicated to empowering women to manifest life-changing goals and increase their awareness of their own power. Each badass mama will learn how to identify what gets in her way and how to stay connected to her awesomeness. This group is 12 consecutive weeks. Please contact me to sign up for the next group time available next start date.

College is over, now what???

This is a group for young adults who have graduated college and are struggling with questions about career and social groups as well as finding their authentic selves. Who am I now and what do I want to do? Am I doing what I think I should do or really what I want to do? There is so much pressure to “figure it out”. This group is designed to help young adults meet others going through the same thing and gain support as well as to get clear about how to proceed in this new stage of life.

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Marina Del Rey, CA