About Meg Reinis MS, LMFT

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist who has worked in the field of psychotherapy since 2002. I received a BA in Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1999 and an MS in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University at Long Beach in 2003. Currently, while the pandemic is requiring that we pivot, I am seeing clients over the Zoom app for Telehealth. I am finding this to be quite effective despite not being in person.

When you know your truth you will also know your boundaries and how to set them.

This pandemic has had a signifigant impact on the mental health and well being of most. Parenting and schooling have become more difficult, singles are feeling isolated and lonely, children are not able to learn in the same way and or socialize and play sports. Friends are no longer hugging one another and the losses are stacking. Things that we normally do to feel emotionally well like go to a gym or spend time with loved ones, celebrate birthdays, weddings, holidays and special events freely are cancelled. These are some of the impacts of the pandemic. There are those who have been sick or have lost someone to this virus. The effects of the pivoting we are all asked to do are taking a toll emotionally on all.

With all of the modalities utilized in therapy the most important part of healing is in the relationship between therapist and client.

In our work together I will take a holistic approach with you to identify your needs for self care and balance and strategize how to help optimize your sense of well being during this time while also holding space for the grief and loss and difficulties that arise for you now.

It is important to feel seen and heard. In order for the healing to occur the client must feel that the person sitting across from them has a warm positive regard for them, understands their feelings and is not judging them. It can be hard to talk about our struggles and share them with another and the courage it takes to do this may be what changes your life.

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